Western Springs Plumbing

Plumbing repair in Western Springs IL

Sump Pump Repair

EPA Lead Safe Cert FirmSump pumps are installed in homes where basement flooding is a recurring problem.  Is your sump pump doing the job? The sump pump is supposed to carry accumulated water away from the foundation of the home, so that the foundation does not suffer water damage. Have your sump pump check today to avoid foundation damage or mold and mildew problems.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drains are a very common household problem. Preventative Drain Cleaning can prevent these types of problems. While everyone can give you an opinion on what works best for them, the most effective method of drain cleaning for you is going to depend on several factors. Drain cleaning products range from inexpensive home remedies to very expensive commercial chemical products (with ramifications on our environment). Decide what’s best for you by taking the pros and cons of each into consideration.