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Drain Maintenance

Depending on the severity of it, clearing a clogged drain can turn into aggravation and expense.  Homeowners can save time and expense by keeping the drains in good condition so that the possibility of clogs is minimized.  There are some preventative drain maintenance steps you can take to save you grief and money.

Most clogs are made up partially or completely out of hair.  The problem with hair is that it does not break down easily and once some gets stuck in the drain, it will gradually accumulate and can eventually clog the drain completely, leading to problems. Installing hair traps over the drains is a terrific way to stop this problem from even starting.  Your local home improvement store will have these hair traps and can assist you in the right size and how to attach it over your drain – there are different ways they affix to your drain. For example, some use suction cups.

While hair traps are effective for what they do, they won’t solve the problem of what else we imaginative homeowners can put down our drains.  A very problematic spot is our kitchen sink and garbage disposal. We should never put grease down our kitchen sinks, but unfortunately most of us do. Grease can solidify in pipes under some circumstances and in turn other materials in the pipes can stick to the grease, thus creating a clog.

Putting clumps or solid food down the disposal is also asking for a clog.  Items such as banana peels or orange peels are at the top of the do not put down the disposal list. Even such brittle items as egg shells can cause clogs, particularly in conjunction with other things, such as grease.  Be careful of what you put down the disposal.  If it doubt do not!

If you even suspect a clog, over the counter drain cleaners can be effective in knocking out early stage clogs.  But you need to be careful as these cleaners can be quite toxic and some can give off fumes.  You need to have good ventilation when using these chemicals.

If you are careful and smart about what goes down the drains you are far less likely to suffer from clogs which can bring your home to its knees.  Call your local plumber for questions on hair traps, or if you are in doubt of what you can safely put down your kitchen sink.  Calling your plumber, preemptively, with questions may save you from calling him later, to come fix your clogged drain.