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Flood Control

Homeowners need to be aware of flooding possibilities, no matter where they live.  However, the problem is particularly acute if your home is in a low lying area, near a good size body of water or below a dam.  Small, harmless looking creeks and streams are just that, until a torrential downpour turns them into roaring rivers which can cause untold flood damage.  All the states in the US are at risk from this. Flood control is critical.

Floods come in all shapes and sizes.  They can affect small neighborhoods, only, or entire metropolitan areas and river banks.  Some floods can impact entire states.

And floods can come in all types of ways.  Flash floods in the desert not only can bring walls of water, but also debris from the desert which will serve to knock down anything in the way. Other floods develop much more slowly but no less damaging – such as an accumulation of many days consecutive rain.  Overland flooding, such as we saw in the New Orleans area floods, are the result of catastrophic breaks in levees.

There are steps you can take to prepare your home before a flood.  In particular if you live in a flood plain or in an area with a history of flooding.