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Before a Flood

As homeowners we are usually more concerned with any issues of the moment, rather than preparing for possible problems.  We need foresight if building in a potentially dangerous area. Be prepared before a flood.

If you are building a new home, and it is a known or questionable flood plain or area, you need to consider elevating and reinforcing the house, because of the potential flood hazard.  For the same reason, talk with the contractor about elevating, or putting up higher, the electric panel, water heater and furnace.  This conversation needs to take place early on, in the planning stages of the home.  It would be cost prohibitive to make these changes in the process of construction.

You need to install safety valves, or check valves in sewer traps to stop any rising floodwaters from coming into the drains of your home. Damage to homes from backed up sewers can be catastrophic.

If you are in a flood area, or area with high water content in the ground, you should seal the walls of your basement with waterproof solutions so that water does not seep in, and cause damage over time to these walls.

If your neighborhood has a history of flooding, ask your local elected officials what the plan is to protect your neighborhood, should there be any flooding.  Put them on record with their plan of action if the situation arises.