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Home Flood Prevention

If you live in a high risk flood area there are steps you can take to prevent untold damage to your home, furniture and other possessions. Rising flood waters can enter your home in any number of ways.  We suggest you work with a plumber and, possible, a qualified construction person to check the following.  Home Flood Prevention is critical, particularly in high risk areas.

•    Think about replacing your doors and windows with flood resistant types.
•    Examine where your service pipes enter into your home and make sure there are no gaps for water to come through. Seal as required.
•    If your home has any broken or crumbling brick or mortar, get it fixed. Water can seep or pour in through these faults.
•    If you have not installed a sump pump do so.  Your qualified plumber can do the installation.
•    Consider putting in valves on your drains.  They will prevent backflow in the event of a severe flood and stop the flow of any    sewage back up into your home, a very, very serious problem.
•    Examine, where you can, your foundation and look for cracks and holes, and water stains.  Seal them as soon as possible.  This may beg the question of why there are these cracks, holes and stains.  There could be a natural flow path of flood or rainwater directly to your foundation.  Think about where you see water pool up.  If it is against the home then your foundations are at risk for damage.  Get advice from your plumber or contractor on how to stop this problem.  You may be able to put in an inexpensive drain tile system, to prevent further pooling of water against your home and foundations, or the solution could be more complex.

Sometimes we don’t always take the necessary precautions in time. Unless the problem is visible and the damage obvious, we may not have the proper sense of urgency to act.   If you have any questions about flood prevention, check with your local qualified plumber.  Ask him what other homeowners in the area are doing, and his recommendations.