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Sump Pump Problems

Your sump pump does a great job of protecting your basement, provided it is working and maintained.  If it breaks down the consequences can be nightmarish and expensive.  Know that the average life of a sump pump is 10 years.  We explain here the typical sump pump problems.

If your sump pump is not operating properly, the first thing to check is the float.  This is the common problem with these pumps. This part of the pump looks like a bell, and is a barometer of sorts.  It rises up with the water and when a certain point is reached the sump pump comes on. So it’s crucial that this is working or else the pump will not come on and flooding can occur. It’s good to examine the float on a regular basis.  Sometimes debris from the water can obstruct the float from working properly, so make sure it is clear.  If the float is not working properly we suggest you call in your licensed plumber and, depending on the age of the sump pump, he will either replace the float or recommend buying a new pump.

Another possible cause for the sump pump to not work could be a faulty or improperly installed valve. If water is coming into the sump pit, when the pump is shut off, then the valve could be the issue.  It too could be jammed up with debris, or simply not adjusted properly.  There is an arrow on the valve that needs to point away from the sump pump, make sure it is set properly.

Another possible cause for the sump pump to fail is if the impeller has stopped working.  It’s actually similar to a propeller and its spinning action pushes water out through the exit pipe. The sump pump will not function is if this impeller has stopped working.
If all the components, mentioned above, are not the issue, then the problem could be electrical. Make sure the circuit breaker associated with the sump pump has not been tripped, or fuses blown.  Check for any broken or frayed wires.

Homeowners should call in their plumber if they have any questions about why the sump pump is not working.  Troubleshooting, replacing or repairing a sump pump may not be for all homeowners.